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One of the most popular technologies over the past decade is the tablet. The tablet quickly became a consumer favorite as it gave you all of the same functions of a smartphone with a larger screen.

The only downfall is that like smartphones, tablets can become easily damaged with normal use. Mix in the factor of kids and outdoor use and you are asking for your tablet to get damaged.

Luckily, FixAce offers tablet repair in NYC for a variety of different models to make sure your tablet works as good as new after your repair.
We service Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface RT
Repar all LG tablets models. LG G Pad X, LG G Pad F, G Pad 7", G Pad 8", G Pad 10"

Microsoft Surface Repair

LG Tablet Repair

iPhone screen repair

Choose Tablet Repair Service:

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX,Kindle Fire 7 and all other generations.
We provide screen repair for most popular Lenovo tablets.
Huawei Media Pad T series,
Media Pad M series

Amazon Kindle Repair

Lenovo Tablet Repair

Huawei Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair

We fix all Galaxy tablet models,
like Tab Pro, Tab S, Tab A, Tab E, Tab 4, Tab 2
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Quick & Easy NYC Tablet Repair from Fix Ace

"FixAce is your #1 source for tablet repair in NYC. Our professional trained and highly experienced staff can have your tablet's screen repaired in as little as an hour to get you back to enjoying your social media, books, and other online activities. Stop by or give us a call to talk to our staff about what type of repair you are needing to find out how FixAce can get your tablet looking brand new."
The highest Quality
We use the highest quality parts for tablet repair.
Fast Repair
Tablet repair can be done in few hours on the spot.
Best price
One of the lowest prices for tablet repair NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects for our tablet repair services.

Can I get by with a damaged tablet?

Damaged tables, much like damaged cell phones, can sometimes still be used with a slight crack in the screen. If the crack is not in the way of what you need to read or above the actual backlit screen, you may be inclined to just let it be. While your tablet may still be functioning the way you need it to, there are dangers to leaving a screen damaged. Today, we are going to discuss what kind of damage can be caused by a damaged tablet and why you should have yours repaired as quickly as you can.
What types of damages are caused by damaged tablets?
Tablets can be damaged in many different ways but the most common repair you are going to need is from a cracked or damaged screen. Cracked tablet screens can pose multiple damage risks to both you and your phone. Due to the nature of the glass screen, cracked screens can soon chip, posing a cut risk from the sharp glass. This can be an extreme danger if you let your child play with your tablet. Another danger of cracks in your table screen is water intrusion. Water can get into the crack and make its way into your tablet's internal component which will lead to a more costly repair.

Which tablet models do we repair?

We here at FixAce offer tablet repair services for the following tablet models:

Galaxy: Tab Pro, Tab S, Tab A, Tab E, Tab 4, Tab 2
Microsoft Surface: Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface RT.
LG G Pad: LG G Pad X, LG G Pad F, LG G Pad 7", LG G Pad 8", LG G Pad 10".
Amazon Kindle: Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD X, Kindle Fire 7, all other generations,
Lenovo Yoga Tab: most popular Lenovo tablets
Huawei Media Pad: T Series, Media Pad M Series

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