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Owning a tablet comes with the responsibility of caring for it correctly. Microsoft Tablet, much like cell phones, have a fragile glass screen that must be protected with a screen protector or case to protect it from falls and drops.

A cracked or shattered screen can keep you from using your tablet to its fullest abilities and pose a danger to the user and the tablet itself. So don't risk injury or more extensive damage, bring in your Microsoft Surf in today to let our staff get your table back in action!

Don't let a cracked screen on your Microsoft Surface keep you from doing the things you love, stop by and get it repaired today at FixAce in as little as one hour!

Microsoft Surface Screen Repair Prices

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Quick & Easy NYC Microsoft Surface Screen Repair From Fix Ace

"FixAce is your #1 source for Microsoft Surface screen repair in NYC. Our highly experienced and customer service centric staff can take your broken tablet screen and make it look new in as little as one hour"
Highest Quality
We use the highest quality parts for Microsoft Surface Repair.
Fast Repair
Microsoft Surface screen repair takes 1-2 hours to fix it.
Best price
Lowest prices for Microsoft Surface screen repair in NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects on Microsoft Surface repair.

Can I get by with a cracked Microsoft Surface screen?

Microsoft Surface Screen cracks can come in all shapes and sizes, from complete shatters to small hairline cracks. While it's quite obvious that fully shattered screens will need to be repaired, hairline cracks may seem not as significant and not worthy of spending money on a repair. This is usually the case for most who have cracks that do not interfere with their daily duties. However, even the smallest of cracks can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Let's take a look at some of the damage that can occur from a cracked or damaged Microsoft Surface screen.
What types of damages are caused by damaged Microsoft Surface screens?
When a glass screen on your Microsoft Surface tablet becomes damaged, you run the risk of the glass chipping and falling out. This can pose a huge risk as this glass is usually sharp and can cut the hands of the tablet user. For those who let their children play on their tablets, this should be taken quite serious. If your screen does not show signs of chipping and only has a single crack, there are still dangers to be aware of. The slightest bit of water or dirt can fall into the crack and get onto the delicate electrical components of your phone. This can result in a much larger repair that can cost up to 5 times as much as a screen repair. Here at FixAce, we suggest taking care of the cheaper screen repair to avoid more expensive damages later down the road.

Which Microsoft Surface models do we repair?

Our staff here at FixAce is highly trained in repairing multiple types of tablets and the Microsoft Surface is one we specialize in. Offering screen repair for multiple types of Microsoft Surface tablets, we are sure to get your tablet looking as good as the day you bought it.
We fix almost every Microsoft tablet:
Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface RT
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