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Data Recovery NYC

When it comes to computers, nothing is worse than losing your files due to a computer failure or virus incident. Files such as important work documents, family photos, and other important files can be lost if your computer gets corrupted. If your computer was not backed up and you need to get these files back, trust the experts at FixAce for all of your data recovery needs in NYC.

Our team specializes in retrieving lost data from malfunctioning computers and even some phones as well. Our data recovery services allow our team to retrieve lost or missing files, photos, and other media that may have been deleted or is stored on a damaged device.

With services for computers, tablets, and phones, FixAce is your one stop shop for data recovery in NYC. Stop by our store or give us a call for your free estimate!

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Quick & Easy NYC Data Recovery From FixAce

"If you are needing to get data recovery in NYC, look no further than FixAce. FixAce specializes in all types of repairs for many different types of devices, so our staff can help with just about anything you may have."
Emergency Service
Emergency Data Recovery Service in NYC.
Fast Data Recovery
Data Recovery takes 1-5 business days.
Best price
One of the lowest prices for Data Recovery in NYC.
Free Diagnostics
Free price estimate and memory diagnostics.

Why would you need data recovery services?

While most people will not ever need a data recovery service, those who do will be glad that we offer it. When a computer becomes infected with a virus or completely crashes, many times, your files can be wiped clean. All of your babies photos, phone contacts, and family videos could be gone in an instant. By letting our team inspect your device and try to recover your data for you, your files could be retrieved to keep all of your precious media secure.
What types of data can we recover?
Our team can help retrieve many different types of data including photos, videos, contacts, and files from different devices. By offering services for a wide variety of devices, you can rest assured that our team of data recovery experts can help to get your files back in your possession. To find out if our team can recover your specific files, feel free to give us a call and explain which device you have, what types of files you would like recovered, and what problems you had with your device. This will allow us to properly give you an estimate on cost and time to accurately recover your data.

Which devices do we service?

Our team specializes in recovering data from many different devices to make sure you are always covered no matter what happens. Some of the more popular devices that we can recover data from include HDD, SSD, Flash Drive, Smart Phones, and Tablets. These devices are the most common storage areas that people tend to store important documents so we train to recover data from these exact devices. If you have a question about another device that you would like data recovered from, give us a call and we will be happy to help.
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