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FixAce - Professional electronic repair service in New York. We fix all kind of cell phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Including full variety of repair services for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook.
Phone, tablet, laptop repair in NYC
Professional repair services in New York.
If you are looking for high quality, professional electronic repair in NYC, look no further than FixAce. We here at FixAce are a team of professional technicians that service a wide variety of electronics including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, OnePlus and other cell phones, tablets, and computers. With same day repairs for most electronics and a 1 year warranty on most repairs, you can rest assured that we can have your devices fixed quickly, correctly, and at a competitive price.

In today's world, it is hard not to stay connected with various devices. After all, most jobs and schools require certain electronics to stay up to date and in the know. With more and more people introducing these devices to their busy schedules, accidents are more and more common.

Having a trusted company to make the needed repairs to your damaged devices can make the difference between receiving that job offer call or capturing that once in a lifetime moment.

We offer all kind of repair services

iPhone Repair
One of our most popular services that we offer here at FixAce is iPhone repair. iPhone repairs can come in all shapes and sizes and we can address just about any problem that you may have. The most common problem that we see is a cracked or damaged screen. Our team specializes in repairing damaged iPhone screen to ensure that we can repair most screens within 1 hour.
We also provide various other services such as iPhone charging port, battery, home button, and motherboard repairs. This allows us to give you an all in one iPhone repair service to get your phone functioning and looking as good as the day you purchased it.
We service most of the newest iPhones including older model as well. To find out if we can repair your iPhone, feel free to give us a call or stop by our NYC location.
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iPad Repair
iPads are another popular item that we see brought in to be repaired. Leading the tablet industry, Apple has a wide variety of iPads that have been introduced over the past few years and each one has proven to be quite fragile both in the hands of adults and children. Even the simplest of drops to an unprotected iPad can cause significant damage if it lands a certain way. Our team has repaired countless iPads over the years and can have yours repaired quickly and easily in a couple of hours.
Much like the iPhone, the iPad repairs follow the same structure. Charging ports, batteries, and screens are all common repair services that we offer for the iPad to give you the best all in one solution for any damaged iPad.
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Apple Watch Repair
One of our newer services, Apple Watch repairs, has really started to pick up with the introduction of newer models over the last year or so. While the Apple Watch isn't as susceptible to the same dangers as a handheld device, they can still be damaged quite easily. Being something that is attached to your wrist puts it in harm's way throughout the day.
Here at FixAce, we have trained to repair all Apple Watch models and can fix just about any Apple Watch screen, battery, and frame. These repairs are generally in the 2-3 hour range depending on the model so you can have your watch back same day in most cases.
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Cell Phone Repair
If you have a damaged cell phone that isn't an Apple iPhone, our team can still make the necessary repairs to get your phone performing brand new again. With a wide variety of phones on our repair list, we are confident that we can fix just about any phone you may have.
We offer repairs for Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, and all other major cell phone brands. These repairs include back glass replacements, battery replacements, charging port repairs, home button repairs, rear camera fixes, and front facing camera repairs.
It is our goal to make sure that we provide you with a one stop shop for all of your electronic repairs. That is why we train our staff in the latest and greatest technology to expand our repair knowledge and provide a proficient repair speed.
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Tablet Repair
While we have discussed Apple iPad repair, not everyone is an Apple fan. That is why we have made sure to offer tablet repair for most major manufacturers. With so many different tablets to choose from these days, it's important for us to make sure we offer solutions for most of the popular brands.
Samsung Galaxy tablets and Amazon Kindles, Microsoft Surface, LG G Pad are just a couple of examples of the most popular tablets that we service. You can choose from screen repairs, charging port fixes, camera replacements, and many other services to have your table fixed back to like new condition.
This is going to be a great service to remember for those who have kids who use tablets as they tend to be a little harsher on devices. With cracked screens, we suggest fixing them immediately to ensure the safety of you and whoever else is using your device.
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Computer Service
Last but not least, FixAce offers a wide variety of computer services as well. Whether you have a PC or Laptop or MacBook, our team can make any necessary repairs, software fixes, or software installs to keep you running smoothly.
With more and more people using laptops and computers for school and working from home, the demand for computer repair services has skyrocketed. That has helped our team expand our knowledge and ensure that we provide you with high quality services with professional results.
We offer services such as basic computer repair, virus removal, software installs, and laptop repairs. Each of our services are completed by professional computer technicians and most repairs are offered with a one year warranty to give you the peace of mind that your repair was done right the first time.
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Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
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We are the leading repair service by delivering best quality parts and repair services to our clients.
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In our store we provide one year warranty for all our repair services and parts.
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Most repairs could be done the same day with-in 30 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome.
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With our highest quality parts we offer lowest price possible for repair services on the market.
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