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LG G Pads are a popular tablet among Americans and have been for the past few years. One of the downfalls of owning one is finding a repair shop to fix a cracked screen.

Cracked screens are all too common with any tablet, not just the LG tablet line, due to the large glass screen. Without proper protection, a slight fall can cause the screen to crack or shatter posing risks to you and your LG tablet.
However, if you get just a small crack, can you just live with it?

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LG Tablet Screen Repair Prices

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Quick & Easy NYC LG G Pad Screen Repair From Fix Ace

"FixAce is your #1 source for LG G Pad screen repair in NYC. With highly trained tablet technicians, our staff can have your LG G Pad screen repaired in as little as one hour to make sure you are back to surfing the web with a like new tablet."
Highest Quality
We use the highest quality parts for LG Tablet Repair.
Fast Repair
LG G Pad Screen repair takes 30 minutes to fix it.
Best price
Lowest prices for LG Tablet screen repair in NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects LG G Pad repair.

Can I get by with a cracked LG tablet Screen?

While some cracks and damages may not seem that bad, especially if you are still able to use all of functions, there are still unforeseen damages that can come in the near future. It is important to know all of the dangers, especially for those with kids, before choosing not to get your LG tablet repair. Let's take a look at a few of the damages that can be caused by cracked LG tablet screens and what they can result in.
What types of damages are caused by damaged LG tablet screen?
A LG tablet screen can crack in many ways and no two cracks are the same, at least we haven't seen two of the same. The variety of damages your screen takes can pose different threats to you and your tablet. First off, glass screen can start to fall apart after suffering a crack. This usually means small pieces of glass can become dislodged and cut you or anyone else using your tablet. This is a big concern for those who have small children who use their LG tablets. Secondly, a crack of any size can allow water to intrude into the tablet. When water gets inside your tablet, it can cause significant damage to the motherboard and other important parts of your LG tablet which can make repairs much more expensive.

Which LG tablet models do we repair?

Our staff works day in and day out repairing the latest and greatest technology. This includes the newest LG G Pad tablets. By working on some of the newest gear, our staff stays ahead of the competition and is able to repair a cracked screen on the newest tablets out.
Here at FixAce, we repair the following LG G Pad Screens:
LG G Pad, LG G Pad X, LG G Pad F, LG G Pad 7", LG G Pad 8", LG G Pad 10".
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