Samsung Galaxy Repair NYC

For those with a Samsung Galaxy, it's not as easy to find Samsung Galaxy screen repair in NYC as it is for an iPhone.

With the widespread popularity of iPhones, many repair shops solely focus on these phones only, leaving Samsung users out of luck.

Here at FixAce, we repair Samsung Galaxy screens in NYC and provide users with the highest level of customer service to get your Galaxy fixed quickly and professionally.

We use only Original Samsung parts, directly form manufacture!

Stop by or give us a call today to have your screen repair quoted and even fixed while you wait!

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Quick & Easy NYC Samsung Galaxy Repair Service from Fix Ace

"For the best Samsung Galaxy repair in NYC, stop by or give us a call here at FixAce. Our highly trained staff is here to help you get the exact repair you need to keep your Galaxy working as it should for years to come. With screen repairs for many different models, we are sure to have everything you need to get your Samsung Galaxy fixed."
Original Parts
We use only Original LCD for Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair.
Fast Repair
Samsung Galaxy Screen repair takes around 1 hour to fix it.
Best price
One of the lowest prices for Samsung Galaxy repair in NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects on Samsung Galaxy repair.

Can I get by with a cracked Samsung Galaxy screen?

As with any Samsung Galaxy, we highly suggest having your damaged screen repaired to avoid any future damages that could cost way more than a screen replacement. A simple crack can not only let water and debris enter your Galaxy, it can turn into a larger crack as the screen has already been weakened. Not to mention, cracked or shattered glass screens can pose the potential for a cut injury to your hand or face, so fixing it as soon as possible should be your #1 priority.
What types of damages are caused by damaged Samsung Galaxy screens?
The inside of your Samsung Galaxy phone is quite intricate and contains a lot of electrical parts that can become easily damaged. The glass screen on your phone acts as a protective shell for these components, and when broken they can leave these precious parts susceptible to water or dirt intrusion. While a crack may not be cumbersome to some if they can still operate their phone, but a once water resistant phone can easily be damaged from the slightest bit of water entering through the crack on your screen. Don't risk major repairs, have your Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair today!

Which Samsung phone models do we repair?

Here at FixAce, we are highly trained on multiple different models of the Samsung Galaxy, and even the Galaxy Note. By training on the newest technology, we always stay up to date with new phones and new repair techniques to make our services the best in NYC. Take a look at the following Samsung phone models that we replace screens on to find out if FixAce is the right Samsung Galaxy repair shop for you
The Samsung Galaxy models that we service include:
Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus.
The Samsung Note models that we service include:
Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9.
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