OnePlus Repair NYC

As a OnePlus phone owner, you know how hard it can be to find a reputable company to fix your cracked screen.

With most cell phone repair shops focusing mainly on iPhone and Samsung models, many let other phones, including the OnePlus models, go unnoticed.

We here at FixAce have noticed this problem and offer OnePlus repair in NYC to keep you and your phone working properly.

We understand how a damaged screen can keep you from sending important emails and taking photos of all of life's precious moments. That is why we offer screen repairs for OnePlus models in under one hour!

OnePlus Screen Repair Prices

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Quick & Easy NYC OnePlus Repair Service from Fix Ace

"If you are looking to get the best OnePlus screen repair in NYC, look no further than FixAce. Our team of professional cell phone repair technicians are trained to fix not only OnePlus screens, but many others as well. This diverse knowledge means that we can offer many services that other cell phone repair shops cannot offer. So don't let a cracked screen keep you from tweeting, texting, or snapping, stop by FixAce and get your phone fixed quickly and correctly!"
Highest Quality
We use the Original parts for OnePlus Repair.
Fast Repair
OnePlus Screen repair takes 1 hour to fix it.
Best price
One of the lowest prices for OnePlus screen repair NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects on OnePlus repair.

Can I get by with a cracked OnePlus screen?

While it may seem like a crack in your screen may not be a big deal, there are a few things that you should consider before going too long without getting it repaired. Many cracks that happen on OnePlus screens still allow you to have full functionality of your device, but the dangers lurk beneath the surface. You may be able to get by with a cracked screen, but the moment that water or dirt gets into the crack, you can risk major damages to your phone.
What types of damages are caused by
damaged OnePlus screens?
The damages that are caused by a cracked OnePlus screen are not only within the phone, but they can be harmful to yourself as well. Cracks in glass cell phone screens can lead to small bits of glass falling out of your screen which can cause cuts to your hand or face. This is a huge danger for those who have kids who let use their phones. Another danger you face is damage to the fragile internals from water or debris getting into the cracks. Water damage can cause expensive damages and even total phone failure. Prevent an expensive future repair by bringing your phone in to have your screen repaired!

Which OnePlus models do we repair?

Our staff here at FixAce gets better and better each year with new technology being released. By staying ahead of the curve, our team is able to fix even the newest of OnePlus phones to make sure you are always covered. Each model of OnePlus phones that we repair screens on have a repair time of approximately one hour to get you back to a fully functioning phone in no time!
The OnePlus phones we repair screens on include:
OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5
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