LG Phone Repair NYC

With the wide range of iPhone screen repair shops around NYC, it may be hard to find one that replaces screens on your LG phone. While not as popular as the iPhone, LG phones still need a place to get repaired.

After all, they get used and abused like any other cell phone. That is why we here at FixAce offer LG screen repair in NYC to ensure that your phone is fixed quickly and professionally to let you get back to your busy lifestyle

With most repairs taking no more than 1 hour, our team can have your phone repaired and have you back to your normal day quickly and professionally.

Stop living your life with a cracked LG screen and stop by or give us a call today to get your free LG screen repair quote.

LG Screen Repair Prices

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Quick & Easy NYC LG Screen Repair from Fix Ace

"With some of the best customer service in the industry and high quality LG screen repair in NYC, FixAce is your one stop shop for cell phone screen repair."
The highest Quality
We use the highest quality parts for LG Repair.
Fast Repair
LG screen repair takes 1 hour to fix it.
Best price
One of the lowest prices for LG repair service in NYC.
1 Year Warranty
One year warranty for any defects on LG phone repair

Can I get by with a broken LG screen?

A common question that we get when it comes to iPhone is "can I get by with a cracked screen"?
While we would love to give a definite answer, each instance is going to be different. While some screen damage may be ok, others may pose a risk to you or your phone's other components. Simple scratches and cracks will most likely be ok if you are careful not to let water penetrate the crack. For more damaged screens where the glass is shattered and falling apart, we suggest bringing it by as soon as possible to reduce the chances of being injured by the glass or having your internal parts damaged.
What types of damages are caused by
cracked LG screen?
Damages caused by cracked screens can come in all shapes and sizes. As previously mentioned, your cracked glass screen on LG phones can cause broken glass to fall out and cut your hand or face. With water and dirt being able to get into your phone through the cracks on your screen, your phone's motherboard can become damaged, leaving you with a very expensive fix that could have been avoided with a less expensive repair. With a cracked screen, the damage may be deeper than just the screen, your phone's touch sensitivity may be off or you may experience dead spots on your phone.

Which LG phones do we repair?

Here at FixAce, we repair a wide variety of LG phone screens. With our team constantly training on the newest technology, you can rest assured that your latest LG phone's screen can be repaired by our staff. Take a look at the following list of LG phones that we repair screens on to see if we can help get your phone fixed.
The LG phone screens that we repair include:
LG G8, LG G7, LG G6, LG G5, LG V40, LG V30, LG K series, LG Q series, LG X series, LG Stylo
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