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The iPad is one of the most popular tablets in today's market. The Ipad quickly became a consumer favorite as it gave you all of the same functions of a smartphone with a larger screen. The only downfall is that Apple does not currently repair iPads, leaving consumers with no choice but to purchase a new one.

With the fragile construction of these tablets, they can easily become damaged with normal use. Mix in the factor of kids and outdoor use and you are asking for your Ipad to get damaged.

Luckily, FixAce offers iPad repair in NYC for a variety of different models to make sure your tablet works as good as new after repair.

Stop by or give us a call to talk to our staff about what type of repair you are needing to find out how FixAce can get your Ipad looking brand new.

iPad Battery Repair

iPad Charging Port Repair

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iPad Screen Repair

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iPad Repair Service in NYC from FixAce

"FixAce is your #1 source for iPad repair in NYC. Our professional trained and highly experienced staff can have your tablet's screen repaired in as little as an hour to get you back to enjoying your social media, books, and other online activities."

Highest Quality

We use the best and highest quality parts for iPad Repair.

Fast Repair

iPad repair can be done with in 1-2 hours depends on service.

Best price

Lowest price as possible for iPad repair services.

1 Year Warranty

One year warranty for any defects on your iPad repair.

Can I get by with a damaged iPad?

Damaged iPads, much like damaged phones, can sometimes still be used with a slight crack in the screen. If the crack is not in the way of what you need to read or above the actual backlight screen, you may be inclined to just let it be. While your tablet may still be functioning the way you need it to, there are dangers to leaving a screen damaged. Today, we are going to discuss what kind of damage can be caused by a damaged iPad and why you should have yours repaired as quickly as you can.
What types of damages are caused by
broken iPads?
iPads can be damaged in many different ways but the most common repair you are going to need is from a cracked or damaged screen. Cracked tablet screens can pose multiple damage risks to both you and your phone. Due to the nature of the glass screen, cracked screens can soon chip, posing a cut risk from the sharp glass. This can be an extreme danger if you let your child play with your iPad. Another danger of cracks in your table screen is water intrusion. Water can get into the crack and make its way into your tablet's internal component which will lead to a more costly repair. We also offer battery replacements and charging port repairs for many different Ipad models.

Which iPad models do we repair?

To ensure that we give our customers a better experience, we train our staff on a wide variety of iPad models. From the early iPad 2 up to the newest released iPad, our technicians can fix just about any problem you may have with any iPad. This allows our team here at FixAce to not only expand our knowledge but offer more solutions for those who are needing various repairs to different models.

iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 1, iPad 5 (2017), iPad 6 (2018), iPad 7 (2019), iPad Mini 1, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, Mini 5, iPad Air 2, Air 3, iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 11", iPad Pro 12.9" 1st gen, iPad Pro 12.9" 2st gen, iPad Pro 12.9" 3st gen.
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What iPad services we provide?

We are professionals in all kinds of iPad repairs.
We are able to fix an iPad screen despite to a model of your device. We also provide replacements of LCD of each iPad generation.
Your device drains battery fast? If you try to turn your device on, it does not show any sign of life? We do battery repair for each iPad Generation.
Your iPad does not take any charge? When trying to charge your device it takes longer than usual? We repair any iPad generations charging port.
iPad Motherboard Repair
See red pixels on your device screen? When trying to lower sound on your device, it turns off? We can fix any kind of mother board issues even if you dropped your device into water.
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